Learn to Dance Salsa in Virtual Reality

You’ve heard about this Latin dance crazy that’s taking over the world. You might have even seen people dancing salsa! And secretly wished that person could be you: moving, talking, laughing, feeling the beat, connecting with that other person in the dance floor.

Standing up, you look for a partner. There they are… looking enthusiastically for someone to ask them out for a dance. You take a step forward… and freeze.

Sound familiar?

We made Salsa-Virtual for you

Salsa students, turned salsa teachers, turned Virtual Reality instructors. For you!

That anxious wallflower person at the dance club was us. And it was difficult to learn! But then we loved it so much that we turned into dance instructors. And then we got this crazy idea to use Virtual Reality so that other people didn’t have to endure the awkwardness of learning a new social skill.

Salsa-Virtual is out now! It will teach you the main patterns to have a solid partner dance foundation, and get you to the dance floor and on your way to start turning heads.

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